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Supported DAWs

Claro Produce and Tweak views are compatible with all DAWS which accept VST3 or AU plugins, and with Pro Tools (AAX). Mix view support relies on plugin extensions which some DAWs do not fully support.

VST3 and AU

Please use VST3 in all DAWs which support VST3 and AU. Claro's Mix view is only supported for the AU format in Logic Pro X.

Mix view compatibility

DAW Track name Track order Fader scales Claro meters Track / Bus / Effect
Ableton Live 🔤
FL Studio 🔤
Logic Pro (Intel) 🔤
Logic Pro (Apple Chips)
Cubase 🔤
Studio One
Cakewalk by BandLab 🔤
Pro Tools 🔤
Magix Sequoia 🔤

🔤 VST3 Mix view relies on the Presonus plugin extensions. In DAWs which do not (fully) implement these extensions and therefore do not tell Claro the Type of track it is inserted on, Mix view uses the track name to deduce whether the track is a Bus or Effects return.

If the track name contains (case-insensitive)... the track is classified as
Reverb, Verb, Hall, Plate, Spring, Chamber, Ambience, Echo, Delay, Effects, FX, Aux, Return Effect
Group, Bus, Submix, Sub-Mix, Sub Mix Bus
Anything else Track