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How to use ListenHub with Sonarworks SoundID

If you currently use Sonarworks Reference or SoundID Systemwide and want to use ListenHub, there are two options:

Daisy-chain SoundID and ListenHub

One way to set up is:

System / DAW → SoundID Systemwide → ListenHub → hardware audio interface

This allows you to continue using ListenHub's How to use ListenHub → Input and output switching. You would also need to switch SoundID profiles when switching between different outputs.

If you daisy-chain System/DAW → ListenHub → SoundID we recommend disabling the SoundID Reference preference "Keep Reference the default system output device". If this is left enabled, Reference will periodically make itself the system output instead of ListenHub, breaking your setup.

However, since ListenHub can load plugins in its FX Chains, we recommend using the SoundID plugin inside ListenHub.

Use the SoundID plugin inside ListenHub

The most flexible way to use SoundID Reference and ListenHub is to use ListenHub for systemwide and DAW sound output, and load the Reference plugin in a ListenHub FX Chain.

This allows you to:

  • Use custom processing for each pair of speakers, or speakers vs headphones, without needing to open a window on your computer and click around to switch back and forth between presets.
  • Combine calibration and emulation processing, for example using Sonarworks headphone calibration and Goodhertz Canopener cross-feed at the same time.

See How to use ListenHub → FX Chains for more information.

The same advice applies to other similar products such as dSONIQ Realphones