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How to set up a listen bus in your DAW when using the plugin

A "listen bus" can host plugins like Sonnox ListenHub such that the plugin processing is never included in your bounced mixes/masters. Only a handful of DAWs allow this. In the rest, add ListenHub as the final insert on your main mix bus track.

Cubase / Nuendo

Main menu bar → Studio → Control Room → Select Enable if you see a confirmation popup → Click the Main section to expand the inserts list, and add the plugin there

Studio One

Mixer → Right-click any track and select "Enable Listen Bus" → On the Listen Bus track (next to the Main output track), click the + button next to Inserts


  • Open the Actions Window (type "?"), search for "monitoring FX", and double-click the "View: Show monitoring FX chain" action
  • Search for Sonnox ListenHub and double click to insert it
  • You can now close this window and ListenHub will be in your monitoring FX chain for all projects